Scheduling OLTP Transactions via Machine Learning

by   Yangjun Sheng, et al.

Current main memory database system architectures are still challenged by high contention workloads and this challenge will continue to grow as the number of cores in processors continues to increase. These systems schedule transactions randomly across cores to maximize concurrency and to produce a uniform load across cores. Scheduling never considers potential conflicts. Performance could be improved if scheduling balanced between concurrency to maximize throughput and scheduling transactions linearly to avoid conflicts. In this paper, we present the design of several intelligent transaction scheduling algorithms that consider both potential transaction conflicts and concurrency. To incorporate reasoning about transaction conflicts, we develop a supervised machine learning model that estimates the probability of conflict. This model is incorporated into several scheduling algorithms. In addition, we integrate an unsupervised machine learning algorithm into an intelligent scheduling algorithm. We then empirically measure the performance impact of different scheduling algorithms on OLTP and social networking workloads. Our results show that, with appropriate settings, intelligent scheduling can increase throughput by 54 scheduling. In summary, the paper provides preliminary evidence that intelligent scheduling significantly improves DBMS performance.



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