Scheduling Bag-of-Tasks in Clouds using Spot and Burstable Virtual Machines

by   Luan Teylo, et al.

Leading Cloud providers offer several types of Virtual Machines (VMs) in diverse contract models, with different guarantees in terms of availability and reliability. Among them, the most popular contract models are the on-demand and the spot models. In the former, on-demand VMs are allocated for a fixed cost per time unit, and their availability is ensured during the whole execution. On the other hand, in the spot market, VMs are offered with a huge discount when compared to the on-demand VMs, but their availability fluctuates according to the cloud's current demand that can terminate or hibernate a spot VM at any time. Furthermore, in order to cope with workload variations, cloud providers have also introduced the concept of burstable VMs which are able to burst up their respective baseline CPU performance during a limited period of time with an up to 20 VMs. In the current work, we present the Burst Hibernation-Aware Dynamic Scheduler (Burst-HADS), a framework that schedules and executes tasks of Bag-of-Tasks applications with deadline constraints by exploiting spot and on-demand burstable VMs, aiming at minimizing both the monetary cost and the execution time. Based on ILS metaheuristics, Burst-HADS defines an initial scheduling map of tasks to VMs which can then be dynamically altered by migrating tasks of a hibernated spot VM or by performing work-stealing when VMs become idle. Performance results on Amazon EC2 cloud with different applications show that, when compared to a solution that uses only regular on-demand instances, Burst-HADS reduces the monetary cost of the execution and meet the application deadline even in scenarios with high spot hibernation rates. It also reduces the total execution time when compared to a solution that uses only spot and non-burstable on-demand instances.


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