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Scene recognition based on DNN and game theory with its applications in human-robot interaction

by   R. Q. Wang, et al.

Scene recognition model based on the DNN and game theory with its applications in human-robot interaction is proposed in this paper. The use of deep learning methods in the field of image scene recognition is still in its infancy, but has become an important trend in the future. As the innovative idea of the paper, we propose the following novelties. (1) In this paper, the discrete displacement field is used to represent deformation. The registration problem is transformed into a problem of minimum energy in random field to finalize the image pre-processing task. (2) We select neighboring homogeneous sample features and the neighboring heterogeneous sample features for the extracted sample features to build a triple and modify the traditional neural network to propose the novel DNN for scene understanding. (3) The robot control is well combined to guide the robot vision for multiple tasks. The experiment is then conducted to validate the overall performance.


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