Scene Gated Social Graph: Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Based on Dynamic Social Graphs and Scene Constraints

by   Hao Xue, et al.

Pedestrian trajectory prediction is valuable for understanding human motion behaviors and it is challenging because of the social influence from other pedestrians, the scene constraints and the multimodal possibilities of predicted trajectories. Most existing methods only focus on two of the above three key elements. In order to jointly consider all these elements, we propose a novel trajectory prediction method named Scene Gated Social Graph (SGSG). In the proposed SGSG, dynamic graphs are used to describe the social relationship among pedestrians. The social and scene influences are taken into account through the scene gated social graph features which combine the encoded social graph features and semantic scene features. In addition, a VAE module is incorporated to learn the scene gated social feature and sample latent variables for generating multiple trajectories that are socially and environmentally acceptable. We compare our SGSG against twenty state-of-the-art pedestrian trajectory prediction methods and the results show that the proposed method achieves superior performance on two widely used trajectory prediction benchmarks.



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