Scavenger: A Cloud Service for Optimizing Cost and Performance of ML Training

by   Sahil Tyagi, et al.

While the pay-as-you-go nature of cloud virtual machines (VMs) makes it easy to spin-up large clusters for training ML models, it can also lead to ballooning costs. The 100s of virtual machine sizes provided by cloud platforms also makes it extremely challenging to select the “right” cloud cluster configuration for training. Furthermore, the training time and cost of distributed model training is highly sensitive to the cluster configurations, and presents a large and complex tradeoff-space. In this paper, we develop principled and practical techniques for optimizing the training time and cost of distributed ML model training on the cloud. Our key insight is that both parallel and statistical efficiency must be considered when selecting the optimum job configuration parameters such as the number of workers and the batch size. By combining conventional parallel scaling concepts and new insights into SGD noise, our models accurately estimate the time and cost on different cluster configurations with < 5 nature of training and our models, we can search for optimum cloud configurations in a black-box, online manner. Our approach reduces training times by 2 times and costs more more than 50 approach, our performance models are accurate to within 2 imposes an overhead of just 10


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