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Scalable Time-Range k-Core Query on Temporal Graphs(Full Version)

by   Junyong Yang, et al.
South China Normal University
Wuhan University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Querying cohesive subgraphs on temporal graphs with various time constraints has attracted intensive research interests recently. In this paper, we study a novel Temporal k-Core Query (TCQ) problem: given a time interval, find all distinct k-cores that exist within any subintervals from a temporal graph, which generalizes the previous historical k-core query. This problem is challenging because the number of subintervals increases quadratically to the span of time interval. For that, we propose a novel Temporal Core Decomposition (TCD) algorithm that decrementally induces temporal k-cores from the previously induced ones and thus reduces "intra-core" redundant computation significantly. Then, we introduce an intuitive concept named Tightest Time Interval (TTI) for temporal k-core, and design an optimization technique with theoretical guarantee that leverages TTI as a key to predict which subintervals will induce duplicated k-cores and prunes the subintervals completely in advance, thereby eliminating "inter-core" redundant computation. The complexity of optimized TCD (OTCD) algorithm no longer depends on the span of query time interval but only the scale of final results, which means OTCD algorithm is scalable. Moreover, we propose a compact in-memory data structure named Temporal Edge List (TEL) to implement OTCD algorithm efficiently in physical level with bounded memory requirement. TEL organizes temporal edges in a "timeline" and can be updated instantly when new edges arrive, and thus our approach can also deal with dynamic temporal graphs. We compare OTCD algorithm with the incremental historical k-core query on several real-world temporal graphs, and observe that OTCD algorithm outperforms it by three orders of magnitude, even though OTCD algorithm needs none precomputed index.


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