Scalable Synthesis of Minimum-Information Linear-Gaussian Control by Distributed Optimization

04/06/2020 ∙ by Murat Cubuktepe, et al. ∙ 0

We consider a discrete-time linear-quadratic Gaussian control problem in which we minimize a weighted sum of the directed information from the state of the system to the control input and the control cost. The optimal control and sensing policies can be synthesized jointly by solving a semidefinite programming problem. However, the existing solutions typically scale cubic with the horizon length. We leverage the structure in the problem to develop a distributed algorithm that decomposes the synthesis problem into a set of smaller problems, one for each time step. We prove that the algorithm runs in time linear in the horizon length. As an application of the algorithm, we consider a path-planning problem in a state space with obstacles under the presence of stochastic disturbances. The algorithm computes a locally optimal solution that jointly minimizes the perception and control cost while ensuring the safety of the path. The numerical examples show that the algorithm can scale to thousands of horizon length and compute locally optimal solutions.



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