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Scalable High-Rate Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution Networks without Constraint of Probability and Intensity

by   Yuan-Mei Xie, et al.
Nanjing University

There have been several recent advancements in the field of long-distance point-to-point twin-field quantum key distribution (TFQKD) protocols, with an ultimate objective to build a large scalable quantum network for numerous users. Currently, fundamental limitations still exist for the implementation of a practical TFQKD network, including the strict constraint regarding intensity and probability for sending-or-not-sending type protocols and the low tolerance of large interference errors for phase-matching type protocols. Here, we propose a two-photon TFQKD protocol to overcome these issues simultaneously and introduce a cost-effective solution to construct a real TFQKD network, under which each node with fixed system parameters can dynamically switch different attenuation links while achieving good performance in long-distance transmission. For a four-user network, simulation results indicate that the key rates of our protocol for all six links can either exceed or approach the secret key capacity; however, four of them could not extract the key rate if using sending-or-not-sending type protocols. We anticipate that our proposed method can facilitate new practical and efficient TFQKD networks in the future.


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