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Satlas: A Large-Scale, Multi-Task Dataset for Remote Sensing Image Understanding

by   Favyen Bastani, et al.

Remote sensing images are useful for a wide variety of environmental and earth monitoring tasks, including tracking deforestation, illegal fishing, urban expansion, and natural disasters. The earth is extremely diverse – the amount of potential tasks in remote sensing images is massive, and the sizes of features range from several kilometers to just tens of centimeters. However, creating generalizable computer vision methods is a challenge in part due to the lack of a large-scale dataset that captures these diverse features for many tasks. In this paper, we present Satlas, a remote sensing dataset and benchmark that is large in both breadth, featuring all of the aforementioned applications and more, as well as scale, comprising 290M labels under 137 categories and seven label modalities. We evaluate eight baselines and a proposed method on Satlas, and find that there is substantial room for improvement in addressing research challenges specific to remote sensing, including processing image time series that consist of images from very different types of sensors, and taking advantage of long-range spatial context. We also find that pre-training on Satlas substantially improves performance on downstream tasks with few labeled examples, increasing average accuracy by 16 best baseline.


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