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SATA: Source Anchoring and Target Alignment Network for Continual Test Time Adaptation

by   Goirik Chakrabarty, et al.

Adapting a trained model to perform satisfactorily on continually changing testing domains/environments is an important and challenging task. In this work, we propose a novel framework, SATA, which aims to satisfy the following characteristics required for online adaptation: 1) can work seamlessly with different (preferably small) batch sizes to reduce latency; 2) should continue to work well for the source domain; 3) should have minimal tunable hyper-parameters and storage requirements. Given a pre-trained network trained on source domain data, the proposed SATA framework modifies the batch-norm affine parameters using source anchoring based self-distillation. This ensures that the model incorporates the knowledge of the newly encountered domains, without catastrophically forgetting about the previously seen ones. We also propose a source-prototype driven contrastive alignment to ensure natural grouping of the target samples, while maintaining the already learnt semantic information. Extensive evaluation on three benchmark datasets under challenging settings justify the effectiveness of SATA for real-world applications.


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