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Safe Exploration Incurs Nearly No Additional Sample Complexity for Reward-free RL

by   Ruiquan Huang, et al.

While the primary goal of the exploration phase in reward-free reinforcement learning (RF-RL) is to reduce the uncertainty in the estimated model with minimum number of trajectories, in practice, the agent often needs to abide by certain safety constraint at the same time. It remains unclear how such safe exploration requirement would affect the corresponding sample complexity to achieve the desired optimality of the obtained policy in planning. In this work, we make a first attempt to answer this question. In particular, we consider the scenario where a safe baseline policy is known beforehand, and propose a unified Safe reWard-frEe ExploraTion (SWEET) framework. We then particularize the SWEET framework to the tabular and the low-rank MDP settings, and develop algorithms coined Tabular-SWEET and Low-rank-SWEET, respectively. Both algorithms leverage the concavity and continuity of the newly introduced truncated value functions, and are guaranteed to achieve zero constraint violation during exploration with high probability. Furthermore, both algorithms can provably find a near-optimal policy subject to any constraint in the planning phase. Remarkably, the sample complexities under both algorithms match or even outperform the state of the art in their constraint-free counterparts up to some constant factors, proving that safety constraint hardly increases the sample complexity for RF-RL.


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