SA-UNet: Spatial Attention U-Net for Retinal Vessel Segmentation

04/07/2020 ∙ by Changlu Guo, et al. ∙ 8

The precise segmentation of retinal blood vessel is of great significance for early diagnosis of eye-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. In this work, we propose a lightweight network named Spatial Attention U-Net (SA-UNet) that does not require thousands of annotated training samples and can be utilized in a data augmentation manner to use the available annotated samples more efficiently. SA-UNet introduces a spatial attention module which infers the attention map along the spatial dimension, and then multiply the attention map by the input feature map for adaptive feature refinement. In addition, the proposed network employees a kind of structured dropout convolutional block instead of the original convolutional block of U-Net to prevent the network from overfitting. We evaluate SA-UNet based on two benchmark retinal datasets: the Vascular Extraction (DRIVE) dataset and the Child Heart and Health Study (CHASE_DB1) dataset. The results show that our proposed SA-UNet achieves the state-of-the-art retinal vessel segmentation accuracy on both datasets.



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