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S4: A New Secure Scheme for Enforcing Privacy in Cloud Data Warehouses

by   Somayeh Moghadam, et al.
Universite Lumiere Lyon 2
University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Outsourcing data into the cloud becomes popular thanks to the pay-as-you-go paradigm. However, such practice raises privacy concerns. The conventional way to achieve data privacy is to encrypt sensitive data before outsourcing. When data are encrypted, a trade-off must be achieved between security and efficient query processing. Existing solutions that adopt multiple encryption schemes induce a heavy overhead in terms of data storage and query performance, and are not suited for cloud data warehouses. In this paper, we propose an efficient additive encryption scheme (S4) based on Shamir's secret sharing for securing data warehouses in the cloud. S4 addresses the shortcomings of existing approaches by reducing overhead while still enforcing good data privacy. Experimental results show the efficiency of S4 in terms of computation and storage overhead with respect to existing solutions.


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