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Ryser's Theorem for Symmetric ρ-latin Squares

by   Amin Bahmanian, et al.

Let L be an n× n array whose top left r× r subarray is filled with k different symbols, each occurring at most once in each row and at most once in each column. We establish necessary and sufficient conditions that ensure the remaining cells of L can be filled such that each symbol occurs at most once in each row and at most once in each column, L is symmetric with respect to the main diagonal, and each symbol occurs a prescribed number of times in L. The case where the prescribed number of times each symbol occurs is n was solved by Cruse (J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 16 (1974), 18-22), and the case where the top left subarray is r× n and the symmetry is not required, was settled by Goldwasser et al. (J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 130 (2015), 26-41). Our result allows the entries of the main diagonal to be specified as well, which leads to an extension of the Andersen-Hoffman's Theorem (Annals of Disc. Math. 15 (1982) 9-26, European J. Combin. 4 (1983) 33-35).


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