RV-GAN : Retinal Vessel Segmentation from Fundus Images using Multi-scale Generative Adversarial Networks

by   Sharif Amit Kamran, et al.

Retinal vessel segmentation contributes significantly to the domain of retinal image analysis for the diagnosis of vision-threatening diseases. With existing techniques the generated segmentation result deteriorates when thresholded with higher confidence value. To alleviate from this, we propose RVGAN, a new multi-scale generative architecture for accurate retinal vessel segmentation. Our architecture uses two generators and two multi-scale autoencoder based discriminators, for better microvessel localization and segmentation. By combining reconstruction and weighted feature matching loss, our adversarial training scheme generates highly accurate pixel-wise segmentation of retinal vessels with threshold >= 0.5. The architecture achieves AUC of 0.9887, 0.9814, and 0.9887 on three publicly available datasets, namely DRIVE, CHASE-DB1, and STARE, respectively. Additionally, RV-GAN outperforms other architectures in two additional relevant metrics, Mean-IOU and SSIM.



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