Runtime Model Based Approach to Smart Home System Development

07/27/2017 ∙ by Kaidong Wu, et al. ∙ 0

When developing smart home systems, developers integrate and compose smart devices and software applications. Because of their diversity and heterogeneity, developers usually encounter many problems. In this paper, we present a runtime model based approach to smart home system development. First, we analyze mobile applications associated with smart devices and then extract some device control APIs. Second, we use SM@RT framework to build the device runtime model. Third, we define the scenario model, that is an abstraction of devices and objects which the system consists of. Fourth, we specify mapping rules from the scenario model to the runtime model and employ a synchronizer, which can interpret the mapping rules, to keep the synchronization between the scenario model and the device runtime model. The mapping handler reads the mapping rules that are defined by developers and does the mapping in terms of them. At last, developers can program smart home systems upon the MOF-compliant scenario model using the state-of-the-art model driven technologies.



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