RS5M: A Large Scale Vision-Language Dataset for Remote Sensing Vision-Language Foundation Model

by   Zilun Zhang, et al.

Pre-trained Vision-Language Foundation Models utilizing extensive image-text paired data have demonstrated unprecedented image-text association capabilities, achieving remarkable results across various downstream tasks. A critical challenge is how to make use of existing large-scale pre-trained VLMs, which are trained on common objects, to perform the domain-specific transfer for accomplishing domain-related downstream tasks. In this paper, we propose a new framework that includes the Domain Foundation Model (DFM), bridging the gap between the General Foundation Model (GFM) and domain-specific downstream tasks. Moreover, we present an image-text paired dataset in the field of remote sensing (RS), RS5M, which has 5 million RS images with English descriptions. The dataset is obtained from filtering publicly available image-text paired datasets and captioning label-only RS datasets with pre-trained VLM. These constitute the first large-scale RS image-text paired dataset. Additionally, we tried several Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning methods on RS5M to implement the DFM. Experimental results show that our proposed dataset are highly effective for various tasks, improving upon the baseline by 8 %∼ 16 % in zero-shot classification tasks, and obtaining good results in both Vision-Language Retrieval and Semantic Localization tasks. <>


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