ROS for Human-Robot Interaction

by   Youssef Mohamed, et al.

Integrating real-time, complex social signal processing into robotic systems – especially in real-world, multi-party interaction situations – is a challenge faced by many in the Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) community. The difficulty is compounded by the lack of any standard model for human representation that would facilitate the development and interoperability of social perception components and pipelines. We introduce in this paper a set of conventions and standard interfaces for HRI scenarios, designed to be used with the Robot Operating System (ROS). It directly aims at promoting interoperability and re-usability of core functionality between the many HRI-related software tools, from skeleton tracking, to face recognition, to natural language processing. Importantly, these interfaces are designed to be relevant to a broad range of HRI applications, from high-level crowd simulation, to group-level social interaction modelling, to detailed modelling of human kinematics. We demonstrate these interface by providing a reference pipeline implementation, packaged to be easily downloaded and evaluated by the community.


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