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Roominoes: Generating Novel 3D Floor Plans From Existing 3D Rooms

by   Kai Wang, et al.

Realistic 3D indoor scene datasets have enabled significant recent progress in computer vision, scene understanding, autonomous navigation, and 3D reconstruction. But the scale, diversity, and customizability of existing datasets is limited, and it is time-consuming and expensive to scan and annotate more. Fortunately, combinatorics is on our side: there are enough individual rooms in existing 3D scene datasets, if there was but a way to recombine them into new layouts. In this paper, we propose the task of generating novel 3D floor plans from existing 3D rooms. We identify three sub-tasks of this problem: generation of 2D layout, retrieval of compatible 3D rooms, and deformation of 3D rooms to fit the layout. We then discuss different strategies for solving the problem, and design two representative pipelines: one uses available 2D floor plans to guide selection and deformation of 3D rooms; the other learns to retrieve a set of compatible 3D rooms and combine them into novel layouts. We design a set of metrics that evaluate the generated results with respect to each of the three subtasks and show that different methods trade off performance on these subtasks. Finally, we survey downstream tasks that benefit from generated 3D scenes and discuss strategies in selecting the methods most appropriate for the demands of these tasks.


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