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Robust Wavelet-Based Watermarking Using Dynamic Strength Factor

by   Mahsa Kadkhodaei, et al.

In unsecured network environments, ownership protection of digital contents, such as images, is becoming a growing concern. Different watermarking methods have been proposed to address the copyright protection of digital materials. Watermarking methods are challenged with conflicting parameters of imperceptibility and robustness. While embedding a watermark with a high strength factor increases robustness, it also decreases imperceptibility of the watermark. Thus embedding in visually less sensitive regions, i.e., complex image blocks could satisfy both requirements. This paper presents a new wavelet-based watermarking technique using an adaptive strength factor to tradeoff between watermark transparency and robustness. We measure variations of each image block to adaptively set a strength-factor for embedding the watermark in that block. On the other hand, the decoder uses the selected coefficients to safely extract the watermark through a voting algorithm. The proposed method shows better results in terms of PSNR and BER in comparison to recent methods for attacks, such as Median Filter, Gaussian Filter, and JPEG compression.


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