Robust Triple-Matrix-Recovery-Based Auto-Weighted Label Propagation for Classification

11/20/2019 ∙ by Huan Zhang, et al. ∙ 20

The graph-based semi-supervised label propagation algorithm has delivered impressive classification results. However, the estimated soft labels typically contain mixed signs and noise, which cause inaccurate predictions due to the lack of suitable constraints. Moreover, available methods typically calculate the weights and estimate the labels in the original input space, which typically contains noise and corruption. Thus, the en-coded similarities and manifold smoothness may be inaccurate for label estimation. In this paper, we present effective schemes for resolving these issues and propose a novel and robust semi-supervised classification algorithm, namely, the tri-ple-matrix-recovery-based robust auto-weighted label propa-gation framework (ALP-TMR). Our ALP-TMR introduces a triple matrix recovery mechanism to remove noise or mixed signs from the estimated soft labels and improve the robustness to noise and outliers in the steps of assigning weights and pre-dicting the labels simultaneously. Our method can jointly re-cover the underlying clean data, clean labels and clean weighting spaces by decomposing the original data, predicted soft labels or weights into a clean part plus an error part by fitting noise. In addition, ALP-TMR integrates the au-to-weighting process by minimizing reconstruction errors over the recovered clean data and clean soft labels, which can en-code the weights more accurately to improve both data rep-resentation and classification. By classifying samples in the recovered clean label and weight spaces, one can potentially improve the label prediction results. The results of extensive experiments demonstrated the satisfactory performance of our ALP-TMR.



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