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Robust tracking of an unknown trajectory with a multi-rotor UAV: A high-gain observer approach

by   C. J. Boss, et al.
Michigan State University

We study a trajectory tracking problem for a multi-rotor in the presence of modeling error and external disturbances. The desired trajectory is unknown and generated from a reference system with unknown or partially known dynamics. We assume that only position and orientation measurements for the multi-rotor and position measurements for the reference system can be accessed. We adopt an extended high-gain observer (EHGO) estimation framework to estimate the feed-forward term required for trajectory tracking, the multi-rotor states, as well as modeling error and external disturbances. We design an output feedback controller for trajectory tracking that comprises a feedback linearizing controller and the EHGO. We rigorously analyze the proposed controller and establish its stability properties. Finally, we numerically illustrate our theoretical results using the example of a multi-rotor landing on a ground vehicle.


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