Robust Real-time Pedestrian Detection in Aerial Imagery on Jetson TX2

by   Mohamed Afifi, et al.

Detection of pedestrians in aerial imagery captured by drones has many applications including intersection monitoring, patrolling, and surveillance, to name a few. However, the problem is involved due to continuouslychanging camera viewpoint and object appearance as well as the need for lightweight algorithms to run on on-board embedded systems. To address this issue, the paper proposes a framework for pedestrian detection in videos based on the YOLO object detection network [6] while having a high throughput of more than 5 FPS on the Jetson TX2 embedded board. The framework exploits deep learning for robust operation and uses a pre-trained model without the need for any additional training which makes it flexible to apply on different setups with minimum amount of tuning. The method achieves 81 mAP when applied on a sample video from the Embedded Real-Time Inference (ERTI) Challenge where pedestrians are monitored by a UAV.



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