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Robust preconditioning for coupled Stokes-Darcy problems with the Darcy problem in primal form

by   Karl Erik Holter, et al.
Simula Research Lab

The coupled Darcy-Stokes problem is widely used for modeling fluid transport in physical systems consisting of a porous part and a free part. In this work we consider preconditioners for monolitic solution algorithms of the coupled Darcy-Stokes problem, where the Darcy problem is in primal form. We employ the operator preconditioning framework and utilize a fractional solver at the interface between the problems to obtain order optimal schemes that are robust with respect to the material parameters, i.e. the permeability, viscosity and Beavers-Joseph-Saffman parameter. Our approach is similar to our earlier work, but since the Darcy problem is in primal form, the mass conservation at the interface introduces some challenges. These challenges will be specifically addressed in this paper. Numerical experiments illustrating the performance are provided. The preconditioner is posed in non-standard Sobolev spaces which may be perceived as an obstacle for its use in applications. However, we detail the implementational aspects and show that the preconditioner is quite feasible to realize in practice.


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