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Robust preconditioning and error estimates for optimal control of the convection-diffusion-reaction equation with limited observation in Isogeometric analysis

by   Kent-Andre Mardal, et al.

In this paper we analyze an optimization problem with limited observation governed by a convection–diffusion–reaction equation. Motivated by a Schur complement approach, we arrive at continuous norms that enable analysis of well-posedness and subsequent derivation of error analysis and a preconditioner that is robust with respect to the parameters of the problem. We provide conditions for inf-sup stable discretizations and present one such discretization for box domains with constant convection. We also provide a priori error estimates for this discretization. The preconditioner requires a fourth order problem to be solved. For this reason, we use Isogeometric Analysis as a method of discretization. To efficiently realize the preconditioner, we consider geometric multigrid with a standard Gauss-Seidel smoother as well as a new macro Gauss-Seidel smoother. The latter smoother provides good results with respect to both the geometry mapping and the polynomial degree.


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