Robust PDF Files Forensics Using Coding Style

03/03/2021 ∙ by Supriya Adhatarao, et al. ∙ 0

Identifying how a file has been created is often interesting in security. It can be used by both attackers and defenders. Attackers can exploit this information to tune their attacks and defenders can understand how a malicious file has been created after an incident. In this work, we want to identify how a PDF file has been created. This problem is important because PDF files are extremely popular: many organizations publish PDF files online and malicious PDF files are commonly used by attackers. Our approach to detect which software has been used to produce a PDF file is based on coding style: given patterns that are only created by certain PDF producers. We have analyzed the coding style of 900 PDF files produced using 11 PDF producers on 3 different Operating Systems. We have obtained a set of 192 rules which can be used to identify 11 PDF producers. We have tested our detection tool on 508836 PDF files published on scientific preprints servers. Our tool is able to detect certain producers with an accuracy of 100 able to apply our tool to identify how online PDF services work and to spot inconsistency.



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