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Robust Multi-channel Speech Recognition using Frequency Aligned Network

by   Taejin Park, et al.

Conventional speech enhancement technique such as beamforming has known benefits for far-field speech recognition. Our own work in frequency-domain multi-channel acoustic modeling has shown additional improvements by training a spatial filtering layer jointly within an acoustic model. In this paper, we further develop this idea and use frequency aligned network for robust multi-channel automatic speech recognition (ASR). Unlike an affine layer in the frequency domain, the proposed frequency aligned component prevents one frequency bin influencing other frequency bins. We show that this modification not only reduces the number of parameters in the model but also significantly and improves the ASR performance. We investigate effects of frequency aligned network through ASR experiments on the real-world far-field data where users are interacting with an ASR system in uncontrolled acoustic environments. We show that our multi-channel acoustic model with a frequency aligned network shows up to 18


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