Robust level-3 BLAS Inverse Iteration from the Hessenberg Matrix

by   Angelika Schwarz, et al.

Inverse iteration is known to be an effective method for computing eigenvectors corresponding to simple and well-separated eigenvalues. In the non-symmetric case, the solution of shifted Hessenberg systems is a central step. Existing inverse iteration solvers approach the solution of the shifted Hessenberg systems with either RQ or LU factorizations and, once factored, solve the corresponding systems. This approach has limited level-3 BLAS potential since distinct shifts have distinct factorizations. This paper rearranges the RQ approach such that data shared between distinct shifts is exposed. Thereby the backward substitution with the triangular R factor can be expressed mostly with matrix-matrix multiplications (level-3 BLAS). The resulting algorithm computes eigenvectors in a tiled, overflow-free, and task-parallel fashion. The numerical experiments show that the new algorithm outperforms existing inverse iteration solvers for the computation of both real and complex eigenvectors.



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