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Robust End-to-End Offline Chinese Handwriting Text Page Spotter with Text Kernel

by   Zhihao Wang, et al.

Offline Chinese handwriting text recognition is a long-standing research topic in the field of pattern recognition. In previous studies, text detection and recognition are separated, which leads to the fact that text recognition is highly dependent on the detection results. In this paper, we propose a robust end-to-end Chinese text page spotter framework. It unifies text detection and text recognition with text kernel that integrates global text feature information to optimize the recognition from multiple scales, which reduces the dependence of detection and improves the robustness of the system. Our method achieves state-of-the-art results on the CASIA-HWDB2.0-2.2 dataset and ICDAR-2013 competition dataset. Without any language model, the correct rates are 99.12 page-level recognition, respectively.


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