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Robust Asymptotically Locally Optimal UAV-Trajectory Generation Based on Spline Subdivision

by   Ruiqi Ni, et al.

Generating locally optimal UAV-trajectories is challenging due to the non-convex constraints of collision avoidance and actuation limits. We present the first local, optimization-based UAV-trajectory generator that simultaneously guarantees validity and asymptotic optimality. Validity: Given a feasible initial guess, our algorithm guarantees the satisfaction of all constraints throughout the process of optimization. Asymptotic Optimality: We use a conservative piecewise approximation of the trajectory with automatically adjustable resolution of its discretization. The trajectory converges under refinement to the first-order stationary point of the exact non-convex programming problem. Our method has additional practical advantages including joint optimality in terms of trajectory and time-allocation, and robustness to challenging environments as demonstrated in our experiments.


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