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Robust and Efficient Sorting with Offset-Value Coding

by   Thanh Do, et al.

Sorting and searching are large parts of database query processing, e.g., in the forms of index creation, index maintenance, and index lookup; and comparing pairs of keys is a substantial part of the effort in sorting and searching. We have worked on simple, efficient implementations of decades-old, neglected, effective techniques for fast comparisons and fast sorting, in particular offset-value coding. In the process, we happened upon its mutually beneficial relationship with prefix truncation in run files as well as the duality of compression techniques in row- and column-format storage structures, namely prefix truncation and run-length encoding of leading key columns. We also found a beneficial relationship with consumers of sorted streams, e.g., merging parallel streams, in-stream aggregation, and merge join. We report on our implementation in the context of Google's Napa and F1 Query systems as well as an experimental evaluation of performance and scalability.


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