Robust 2D/3D Vehicle Parsing in CVIS

03/11/2021 ∙ by Hui Miao, et al. ∙ 5

We present a novel approach to robustly detect and perceive vehicles in different camera views as part of a cooperative vehicle-infrastructure system (CVIS). Our formulation is designed for arbitrary camera views and makes no assumptions about intrinsic or extrinsic parameters. First, to deal with multi-view data scarcity, we propose a part-assisted novel view synthesis algorithm for data augmentation. We train a part-based texture inpainting network in a self-supervised manner. Then we render the textured model into the background image with the target 6-DoF pose. Second, to handle various camera parameters, we present a new method that produces dense mappings between image pixels and 3D points to perform robust 2D/3D vehicle parsing. Third, we build the first CVIS dataset for benchmarking, which annotates more than 1540 images (14017 instances) from real-world traffic scenarios. We combine these novel algorithms and datasets to develop a robust approach for 2D/3D vehicle parsing for CVIS. In practice, our approach outperforms SOTA methods on 2D detection, instance segmentation, and 6-DoF pose estimation, by 4.5 respectively. More details and results are included in the supplement. To facilitate future research, we will release the source code and the dataset on GitHub.



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