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Robots Still Outnumber Humans in Web Archives, But Less Than Before

by   Himarsha R. Jayanetti, et al.
Old Dominion University
Internet Archive

To identify robots and humans and analyze their respective access patterns, we used the Internet Archive's (IA) Wayback Machine access logs from 2012 and 2019, as well as's (Portuguese Web Archive) access logs from 2019. We identified user sessions in the access logs and classified those sessions as human or robot based on their browsing behavior. To better understand how users navigate through the web archives, we evaluated these sessions to discover user access patterns. Based on the two archives and between the two years of IA access logs (2012 vs. 2019), we present a comparison of detected robots vs. humans and their user access patterns and temporal preferences. The total number of robots detected in IA 2012 is greater than in IA 2019 (21 requests and 18 sessions) in (2019). We found that the robots are almost entirely limited to "Dip" and "Skim" access patterns in IA 2012, but exhibit all the patterns and their combinations in IA 2019. Both humans and robots show a preference for web pages archived in the near past.


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