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Robotics Rights and Ethics Rules

by   Tuncay Yigit, et al.

It is very important to adhere strictly to ethical and social influences when delivering most of our life to artificial intelligence systems. With industry 4.0, the internet of things, data analysis and automation have begun to be of great importance in our lives. With the Yapanese version of Industry 5.0, it has come to our attention that machine-human interaction and human intelligence are working in harmony with the cognitive computer. In this context, robots working on artificial intelligence algorithms co-ordinated with the development of technology have begun to enter our lives. But the consequences of the recent complaints of the Robots have been that important issues have arisen about how to be followed in terms of intellectual property and ethics. Although there are no laws regulating robots in our country at present, laws on robot ethics and rights abroad have entered into force. This means that it is important that we organize the necessary arrangements in the way that robots and artificial intelligence are so important in the new world order. In this study, it was aimed to examine the existing rules of machine and robot ethics and to set an example for the arrangements to be made in our country, and various discussions were given in this context.


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