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Robotic Exercise Trainer: How Failures and T-HRI Levels Affect User Acceptance and Trust

by   Maya Krakovski, et al.

Physical activity is important for health and wellbeing, but only few fulfill the World Health Organization's criteria for physical activity. The development of a robotic exercise trainer can assist in increasing training accessibility and motivation. The acceptance and trust of users are crucial for the successful implementation of such an assistive robot. This can be affected by the transparency of the robotic system and the robot's performance, specifically, its failures. The study presents an initial investigation into the transparency levels as related to the task, human, robot, and interaction (T-HRI), with robot behavior adjusted accordingly. A failure in robot performance during part of the experiments allowed to analyze the effect of the T-HRI levels as related to failures. Participants who experienced failure in the robot's performance demonstrated a lower level of acceptance and trust than those who did not experience this failure. In addition, there were differences in acceptance measures between T-HRI levels and participant groups, suggesting several directions for future research.


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