Robotic Assistant Agent for Student and Machine Co-Learning on AI-FML Practice with AIoT Application

05/11/2021 ∙ by Chang-Shing Lee, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, the Robotic Assistant Agent for student and machine co-learning on AI-FML practice with AIoT application is presented. The structure of AI-FML contains three parts, including fuzzy logic, neural network, and evolutionary computation. Besides, the Robotic Assistant Agent (RAA) can assist students and machines in co-learning English and AI-FML practice based on the robot Kebbi Air and AIoT-FML learning tool. Since Sept. 2019, we have introduced an Intelligent Speaking English Assistant (ISEA) App and AI-FML platform to English and computer science learning classes at two elementary schools in Taiwan. We use the collected English-learning data to train a predictive regression model based on students' monthly examination scores. In Jan. 2021, we further combined the developed AI-FML platform with a novel AIoT-FML learning tool to enhance students' interests in learning English and AI-FML with basic hands-on practice. The proposed RAA is responsible for reasoning students' learning performance and showing the results on the AIoT-FML learning tool after communicating with the AI-FML platform. The experimental results and the collection of students' feedback show that this kind of learning model is popular with elementary-school and high-school students, and the learning performance of elementary-school students is improved.



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