Robot Safe Interaction System for Intelligent Industrial Co-Robots

08/12/2018 ∙ by Changliu Liu, et al. ∙ 0

Human-robot interactions have been recognized to be a key element of future industrial collaborative robots (co-robots). Unlike traditional robots that work in structured and deterministic environments, co-robots need to operate in highly unstructured and stochastic environments. To ensure that co-robots operate efficiently and safely in dynamic uncertain environments, this paper introduces the robot safe interaction system. In order to address the uncertainties during human-robot interactions, a unique parallel planning and control architecture is proposed, which has a long term global planner to ensure efficiency of robot behavior, and a short term local planner to ensure real time safety under uncertainties. In order for the robot to respond immediately to environmental changes, fast algorithms are used for real-time computation, i.e., the convex feasible set algorithm for the long term optimization, and the safe set algorithm for the short term optimization. Several test platforms are introduced for safe evaluation of the developed system in the early phase of deployment. The effectiveness and the efficiency of the proposed method have been verified in experiment with an industrial robot manipulator.



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