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Robot Path Planning Algorithms: A Review of Theory and Experiment

by   Hadi Jahanshahi, et al.

The aim of this book is to introduce different robot path planning algorithms and suggest some of the most appropriate ones which are capable of running on a variety of robots and are resistant to disturbances. Being real-time, being autonomous, and the ability to identify high risk areas and risk management are the other features that will be mentioned throughout these methods. As such, the first chapter of the book provides an introduction on the importance of robots and describes the subject of navigation and path planning. The second chapter deals with the topic of path planning in unknown environments. In Chapter 3, path planning is considered in known environments. The fourth chapter focuses on robot path planning based on the robot vision sensors and computing hardware. Finally, In Chapter 5, the performance of some of the most important path planning methods introduced in the second to fourth chapters are presented in terms of implementation in various environments.


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