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RoboCupSoccer Review: The Goalkeeper, a Distinctive Player

by   Antoine Dizet, et al.

This article offers a literature review of goalkeeper robots in the context of the RoboCupSoccer competition. The latter is one of the various league categories hosted by the RoboCup Federation, which fosters AI and Robotics with their landmark challenges. Despite the number of articles on the subject of the goalkeeper, there is a lack of studies offering a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis. We propose to provide a review of research related to goalkeepers within the RoboCupSoccer leagues in order to extract possible improvements and scientific issues. The goalkeeper, although being a specific player, has many skills in common with other players. Therefore, this review is divided into three parts: perception, cognition and action, where the perception and action parts are common to all players and the cognition part focuses on goalkeepers. The discussion will open up on the possible improvements of the developments made for these goalkeepers.


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