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ROBIN: a Graph-Theoretic Approach to Reject Outliers in Robust Estimation using Invariants

by   Jingnan Shi, et al.

Many estimation problems in robotics, computer vision, and learning require estimating unknown quantities in the face of outliers. Outliers are typically the result of incorrect data association or feature matching, and it is common to have problems where more than 90 are outliers. While current approaches for robust estimation are able to deal with moderate amounts of outliers, they fail to produce accurate estimates in the presence of many outliers. This paper develops an approach to prune outliers. First, we develop a theory of invariance that allows us to quickly check if a subset of measurements are mutually compatible without explicitly solving the estimation problem. Second, we develop a graph-theoretic framework, where measurements are modeled as vertices and mutual compatibility is captured by edges. We generalize existing results showing that the inliers form a clique in this graph and typically belong to the maximum clique. We also show that in practice the maximum k-core of the compatibility graph provides an approximation of the maximum clique, while being faster to compute in large problems. These two contributions leads to ROBIN, our approach to Reject Outliers Based on INvariants, which allows us to quickly prune outliers in generic estimation problems. We demonstrate ROBIN in four geometric perception problems and show it boosts robustness of existing solvers while running in milliseconds in large problems.


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