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Risk management in design process for Factory of the future

by   Guangying Jin, et al.

The current globalization is faced to the rapid development of product design process with the different structure of the actor relationships in the process. Currently, the risk in the failure relationship among different actors in the project is shaped by the complexity towards the future all kinds of challenges. When it comes to the interdependent failure effect, the risk management for future organization structure in design process will be much more complex to grasp. In order to cope with adaption of Product-Process-Organization (P-P-O) model for industry of the future, we propose a risk management methodology to cope with this interdependent relationship structure. The main objective of this research is to manage the risks, so that the project manager can find the priority order of all the actors' total effect to the project with the consideration of interdependent failure affection, and according to the order, project manager can release corresponding respond measures.


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