Risk Analysis and Success Levels of the Software Project Developed in Technocity

02/09/2019 ∙ by M. Hanefi Calp, et al. ∙ 0

Software projects needed on almost every aspect of daily life, are growing and gaining more importance more and more every day. However, this software that growing raises a more complex structure. However, this software that growing is a more complex structure. In this context, analysis and control process and success levels of the software projects are wondered. Therefore, in this study, through the checklist in questionnaire developed, found in, is aimed to identify and analyze risk factors which encountered in the software project that performed in Technocity and to determine the levels the success of this project. For this purpose, the necessary data were collected, were identified software risk factors and this factors were analyzed. The descriptive analysis method was used for the analysis of the data obtained within research and Microsoft Excel 2010 and IBM SPSS Statistics 21.0 software. In addition, are included to analysis results and the level of success of the developed software in the study. According to results of research, particularly; was observed to be completed successfully the about 95 software projects developed in Technopolis and delivered to the customer in spite of divergence in project duration, budget, personnel and objectives.



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