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Riposte! A Large Corpus of Counter-Arguments

by   Paul Reisert, et al.
Tohoku University

Constructive feedback is an effective method for improving critical thinking skills. Counter-arguments (CAs), one form of constructive feedback, have been proven to be useful for critical thinking skills. However, little work has been done for constructing a large-scale corpus of them which can drive research on automatic generation of CAs for fallacious micro-level arguments (i.e. a single claim and premise pair). In this work, we cast providing constructive feedback as a natural language processing task and create Riposte!, a corpus of CAs, towards this goal. Produced by crowdworkers, Riposte! contains over 18k CAs. We instruct workers to first identify common fallacy types and produce a CA which identifies the fallacy. We analyze how workers create CAs and construct a baseline model based on our analysis.


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