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Riemannian Langevin Algorithm for Solving Semidefinite Programs

by   Mufan Bill Li, et al.

We propose a Langevin diffusion-based algorithm for non-convex optimization and sampling on a product manifold of spheres. Under a logarithmic Sobolev inequality, we establish a guarantee for finite iteration convergence to the Gibbs distribution in terms of Kullback-Leibler divergence. We show that with an appropriate temperature choice, the suboptimality gap to the global minimum is guaranteed to be arbitrarily small with high probability. As an application, we analyze the proposed Langevin algorithm for solving the Burer-Monteiro relaxation of a semidefinite program (SDP). In particular, we establish a logarithmic Sobolev inequality for the Burer-Monteiro problem when there are no spurious local minima; hence implying a fast escape from saddle points. Combining the results, we then provide a global optimality guarantee for the SDP and the Max-Cut problem. More precisely, we show the Langevin algorithm achieves ϵ-multiplicative accuracy with high probability in Ω( n^2 ϵ^-3 ) iterations, where n is the size of the cost matrix.


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