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Ridge-type Linear Shrinkage Estimation of the Matrix Mean of High-dimensional Normal Distribution

by   Ryota Yuasa, et al.

The estimation of the mean matrix of the multivariate normal distribution is addressed in the high dimensional setting. Efron-Morris-type linear shrinkage estimators based on ridge estimators for the precision matrix instead of the Moore-Penrose generalized inverse are considered, and the weights in the ridge-type linear shrinkage estimators are estimated in terms of minimizing the Stein unbiased risk estimators under the quadratic loss. It is shown that the ridge-type linear shrinkage estimators with the estimated weights are minimax, and that the estimated weights converge to the optimal weights in the Bayesian model with high dimension by using the random matrix theory. The performance of the ridge-type linear shrinkage estimators is numerically compared with the existing estimators including the Efron-Morris and James-Stein estimators.


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