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Rice Leaf Disease Classification and Detection Using YOLOv5

by   Md Ershadul Haque, et al.

A staple food in more than a hundred nations worldwide is rice (Oryza sativa). The cultivation of rice is vital to global economic growth. However, the main issue facing the agricultural industry is rice leaf disease. The quality and quantity of the crops have declined, and this is the main cause. As farmers in any country do not have much knowledge about rice leaf disease, they cannot diagnose rice leaf disease properly. That's why they cannot take proper care of rice leaves. As a result, the production is decreasing. From literature survey, it has seen that YOLOv5 exhibit the better result compare to others deep learning method. As a result of the continual advancement of object detection technology, YOLO family algorithms, which have extraordinarily high precision and better speed have been used in various scene recognition tasks to build rice leaf disease monitoring systems. We have annotate 1500 collected data sets and propose a rice leaf disease classification and detection method based on YOLOv5 deep learning. We then trained and evaluated the YOLOv5 model. The simulation outcomes show improved object detection result for the augmented YOLOv5 network proposed in this article. The required levels of recognition precision, recall, mAP value, and F1 score are 90%, 67%, 76%, and 81% respectively are considered as performance metrics.


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