Revisiting Process versus Product Metrics: a Large Scale Analysis

by   Suvodeep Majumder, et al.

Numerous methods can build predictive models from software data. But what methods and conclusions should we endorse as we move from analytics in-the small (dealing with a handful of projects) to analytics in-the-large (dealing with hundreds of projects)? To answer this question, we recheck prior small scale results (about process versus product metrics for defect prediction and the granularity of metrics) using 722,471 commits from 700 Github projects. We find that some analytics in-the-small conclusions still hold when scaling up to analytics in-the large. For example, like prior work, we see that process metrics are better predictors for defects than product metrics (best process/product-based learners respectively achieve recalls of 98 That said, we warn that it is unwise to trust metric importance results from analytics in-the-small studies since those change, dramatically when moving to analytics in-the-large. Also, when reasoning in-the-large about hundreds of projects, it is better to use predictions from multiple models (since single model predictions can become very confused and exhibit very high variance).



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