Revising Ontologies via Models: The ALC-formula Case

by   Jandson S. Ribeiro, et al.
University of Bergen
University of Koblenz-Landau (Campus Koblenz)

Most approaches for repairing description logic (DL) ontologies aim at changing the axioms as little as possible while solving inconsistencies, incoherences and other types of undesired behaviours. As in Belief Change, these issues are often specified using logical formulae. Instead, in the new setting for updating DL ontologies that we propose here, the input for the change is given by a model which we want to add or remove. The main goal is to minimise the loss of information, without concerning with the syntactic structure. This new setting is motivated by scenarios where an ontology is built automatically and needs to be refined or updated. In such situations, the syntactical form is often irrelevant and the incoming information is not necessarily given as a formula. We define general operations and conditions on which they are applicable, and instantiate our approach to the case of ALC-formulae.


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