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Review Regularized Neural Collaborative Filtering

by   Zhimeng Pan, et al.

In recent years, text-aware collaborative filtering methods have been proposed to address essential challenges in recommendations such as data sparsity, cold start problem, and long-tail distribution. However, many of these text-oriented methods rely heavily on the availability of text information for every user and item, which obviously does not hold in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, specially designed network structures for text processing are highly inefficient for on-line serving and are hard to integrate into current systems. In this paper, we propose a flexible neural recommendation framework, named Review Regularized Recommendation, short as R3. It consists of a neural collaborative filtering part that focuses on prediction output, and a text processing part that serves as a regularizer. This modular design incorporates text information as richer data sources in the training phase while being highly friendly for on-line serving as it needs no on-the-fly text processing in serving time. Our preliminary results show that by using a simple text processing approach, it could achieve better prediction performance than state-of-the-art text-aware methods.


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