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Reversible Privacy Preservation using Multi-level Encryption and Compressive Sensing

by   Mehmet Yamac, et al.

Security monitoring via ubiquitous cameras and their more extended in intelligent buildings stand to gain from advances in signal processing and machine learning. While these innovative and ground-breaking applications can be considered as a boon, at the same time they raise significant privacy concerns. In fact, recent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation has highlighted and become an incentive for privacy-preserving solutions. Typical privacy-preserving video monitoring schemes address these concerns by either anonymizing the sensitive data. However, these approaches suffer from some limitations, since they are usually non-reversible, do not provide multiple levels of decryption and computationally costly. In this paper, we provide a novel privacy-preserving method, which is reversible, supports de-identification at multiple privacy levels, and can efficiently perform data acquisition, encryption and data hiding by combining multi-level encryption with compressive sensing. The effectiveness of the proposed approach in protecting the identity of the users has been validated using the goodness of reconstruction quality and strong anonymization of the faces.


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